Metal Rivets & Fasteners

In addition to Valley Fastener’s extensive inventory of metal rivets, fasteners, and pins, VFG offers these products in a wide range of metal materials. Our rivet materials are made out of steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, and copper. VFG carries a multitude of different rivet materials to meet the needs of various applications. VFG is able to provide metal fasteners and rivets made for a multitude of applications that supplies every industry with exactly what you need.

We suggest that you choose a material that has the same mechanical properties as the pieces and parts that you are joining together. Want to learn more about rivet and fastener materials or have a question? Contact us today for your rivet material needs!

  • Steel

    • Low carbon steels are most often selected for rivet applications that primarily require good part formability so they can clinch over or upset well in your application.When higher carbon steels are specified for rivets and fasteners, the strength and hardness of the material increases and the formability of the material decreases. Higher carbon steel parts work-harden more when they are produced and work harden again as they are clinched or upset in your application.The steel raw material used to produce our rivets and fasteners have excellent formability. Screws and other cold formed special threaded fasteners typically are specified using higher carbon steels than the most common rivet materials. Long-lasting strength is a primary trait of carbon steel parts.
  • Stainless Steel

    • The corrosion resistance, mechanical properties and cold formability of stainless steel rivets, fasteners, and part designs are all important engineering considerations when selecting these fasteners.  The chemical composition of each alloy determines the amount of the forming pressure that is required to produce the part.  The chemical composition also determines the work hardening rate of the material during production and any additional cold working of the part (clinching) in order to fasten it into your assembly.
  • Aluminum

    • Known for being soft and lightweight, aluminum continues to be one of the most common material choices for rivets and fasteners.  Aluminum provides strong corrosion resistance and is ideal for many applications.Additionally, the formability of most aluminum material is excellent, so producing complex part configurations is often possible.
    • Aluminum Alloy Grades

      VFG produces our rivets and fasteners from a variety of customer specified grades of CHQ Aluminum Material including 2024-T4, 2011-T3, 1000, 6061 as well as the 5000 and 6000 series aluminum alloys.

  • Copper

    • Due to its decorative appeal, copper is an ideal material for manufacturing functional items, and its conductivity makes it perfect for use in electrical applications. Copper rivets are commonly used in clothes, saddles, shoes, belts, bags and more to reinforce the product and because of how aesthetically pleasing copper rivets look. We can manufacture your copper rivets in a variety of sizes and thicknesses – copper rivet options range from semi-tubular rivets, solid rivets, self-piercing rivets & more.

      Fasteners and rivets grades of copper

      The Valley Fastener Group produces our fasteners and rivets from a variety of customer specified grades of copper. Those grades include:

      • CDA 102 (ASTM B-187)
      • CDA 110 (ASTM B-187)
  • Brass

    • Brass rivets and fasteners are used in manufacturing due to their corrosion resistance, strength after cold-heading, conductivity, and aesthetic appeal. The cold forming process increases the strength of brass making it an ideal fastener for your requirements.Brass is an ideal material for use in electrical equipment due to in conductivity and for manufacturing functional items where decorative appeal is required. The corrosion resistance of brass lends itself to well to applications that are close to seawater.

      Grades of Brass Fasteners & Rivets

      The Valley Fastener Group produces our fasteners and rivets, such as the solid brass rivet and brass shoulder fastener, from a variety of customer specified grades of brass including:

      • CDA 260 (ASTM B-134)
      • CDA 270 (ASTM B-134)