Industrial Rivet & Fastener Solutions

Solving problems large and small since 1976

Have you ever experienced a fastener that was built to specs but didn’t perform to your expectations? The majority of Valley’s customers originally came to us looking for help with this very scenario. Years later, we’re still helping most of our customers solve ongoing problems just like the one they initially approached us with. For any problems with industrial rivets & fasteners, Valley can provide a solution.

Improving your parts’ performance

First, Valley can help you determine if your prior partner adhered to the lower end of your required performance thresholds. Valley will review your part, adjusting your specs to new, improved thresholds to allow your parts to perform better (and in the higher end of your new performance expectations).

Here’s how it works

  1. Submit your idea. Valley provides design input (data) to improve the design.
  2. You issue a sample P.O. then Valley recommends parts in your inventory that can solve the problem you submitted.
  3. Last, Valley sends prototypes for client testing (or we assemble the prototype here and send to you).

Value-added Services

Valley Fastener’s team can also assist your team with:

  • Engineering assistance
  • Consulting and technical advice
  • Testing (materials/product design specs)
  • International sourcing (PFR)

Want to see how Valley can help your existing parts perform better? Need advice on a particularly challenging application? Contact Valley for a quote today. Just Click here.

Application Review

Lathe (In-house Tooling)

Progression (Global Hinge Pin)

Quality Lab