Grade-5 Hex Flange Screws

Grade-5 Hex Flange Screws

We carry Grade-5 Hex Flange Screws in common sizes, which are manufactured in compliance with IFI-111 requirements.

In order to address the demands of the just-in-time (JIT) inventory control industry, Grade-5 Indented Hex Flange Screws in 1/4″ through 1/2″ diameters are readily available in popular lengths from Valley Fastener Group.

Principal Advantages

Manufactured in our Rock Fall, IL facility in accordance with SAE J429 specifications and IFI-111 dimensional tolerance.

Lot traceability is preserved during the whole production process. Comprehensive physical and chemical verification of the materials is offered at no additional cost.

The state of the inventories is ‘plain finish’, kept in 1/4-kegs. Competitive pricing is offered on a range of plating and coatings.