Semi Tubular, Solid, & Shoulder Rivets

The Rivet of Choice for Best-in-class Manufacturers

When you need maximum performance, Valley’s rivets deliver.

The Valley team knows that the reputation of every customer depends on the quality of the rivets we produce.

By manufacturing our products on-site, we tightly control the quality and tolerances of our rivets. This permits Valley to provide the most favorable combination of quality/turnaround/price available in the market.

Valley rivets are the rivet of choice by leaders in dozens of industries. If a prospective customer does not already use Valley’s high-performing rivets by now, chances are they’ll require them in the future.

The most demanding applications use Valley rivets

How do you know Valley’s rivets perform best? Consider the fact that our rivets are used by these mission-critical applications:

  • Critical safety equipment makers: our rivets perform when livelihoods are at risk
  • Automotive components: on road or track, high and low speeds, our rivets deliver
  • Electrical applications: when precision and accuracy count, Valley wins

150+ machines produce the rivets you need

Valley’s creates high performance rivets for every job including:

  • Semi Tubular Rivets
    • We manufacture semi tubular and tubular rivets in steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, and copper.
  • Solid Rivets
    • Solid rivets are the strongest rivets used in fastened joints and are used in automated systems.
  • Blind Rivets
  • Brake Rivets
    • A brake rivet or clutch rivet is recommended for the attachment of friction materials.
  • Shoulder Rivets
    • Common shoulder rivet head styles are flat, oval, truss, button and countersunk.
  • Self-Piercing Rivets
    • Self-piercing rivets are produced from strong materials like carbon steel, aluminum and stainless steel.
  • Countersunk Head Rivets
    • Our countersunk head rivets can be plated or coated, depending on your particular application.
  • Collar Rivets
    • Our rivet experts can assist in manufacturing a custom collar rivet for non-standard applications.
  • Custom Rivets

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Semi Tubular Rivets

Shoulder Rivets

Solid Rivets

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