Threaded & Custom Fasteners

Custom Fasteners & Specials

Have a non-standard, design that has to fit a unique application? When a threaded or custom part needs to perform flawlessly, time after time, it’s time to call Valley Fastener. Valley Fastener is proud to be a leading manufacturer of custom rivets, fasteners & specials. We are dedicated to producing high-quality rivet products, and with over 150 production machines, we can create the custom product you need. From semi-tubular rivets and self-piercing rivets to shoulder rivets, brake rivets and countersunk rivets, Valley Fastener Group can manufacture the custom rivets that you need.

A Simple Production Process

When you need a part produced, here’s how the process works:

  1. Send a print.
  2. Valley reviews your submission.
  3. After assessing your specs, materials, finish, etc., Valley will determine if your project is a bid/no-bid.
  4. If approved, we’ll send you a quote.
  5. Your team approves our quote and sends Valley a P.O.
  6. Valley produces your product.

Threaded and Custom Fasteners

Valley Fastener produces the following threaded and custom products:

  • Screws: SEMs, Machine, U Drive, Self-tapping and all screws on IFI’s published list
  • Custom Specials: parts beyond the IFI (Industrial Fastener Institute) list
  • Parts Forming: custom parts requiring multi-stage processes (progressions)

Have a design for a standard fastener or custom special you’d like us to quote? Contact Valley for a quote today. Just Click here.

Cold Headed Specials

Sem Screws

Threaded Special

Threaded Special

Threaded Special