Rivet & Fastener Quality Control Measures

Valley Fastener’s clients are the marketplace leaders in their respective category. They need to produce the highest quality products and that is why they choose Valley Fastener.

An ISO 9001-certified fastener producer, clients choose Valley for the continuity and experience of the team as well as our ability to adapt and innovate ahead of our clients’ needs. They trust us to anticipate the types (and volume) of products their growth will require; several of them have done so for decades.

Valley Fastener’s focus on quality touches all phases of our operation and includes:

  • Multiple gauging stations ensure tight tolerances throughout the manufacturing process
  • Keyence testing at multiple stages and at final insprection
  • Optical sorters test the quality of threaded fasteners, rivets, etc. in real time
  • Random production pulls provide additional layers of QC
  • Comparitor testing determine consistent dimensionality of parts
  • Mill-direct relationships ensure availability and consistency of essential materials at all times
  • A2LA lab partnerships provide the industry’s highest levels of controlled quality
  • 3.5 billion parts are manufactured and supplied by Valley each year.

These rigorous checkpoints drive Valley’s reputation as one of the fastener industry’s lowest defective PPM manufacturers in North America. Ready to step up to Valley Fastener Group quality today? Click here.


In Valley Fastener’s ongoing pursuit of producing the highest quality parts, we make sure our manufacturing standards are certified to exceed industry standards.

Download Certifications below:

ISO-9001 Certification